I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

Richard and Anne-Laure have been married for seven years and are now living in Paris with their young daughter. Anne-Laure’s friends warned her that something might happen around the seven-year mark, but she never believed it; she’s blindsided to learn that Richard has been having an affair. The discovery comes at an inopportune time for Richard, whoseContinue reading “I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You”

Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed

Cross-posted at PostBourgie. Once upon a time, Tyrese Gibson was a master MAN-ipulator who would sneak around behind his girlfriends’ backs in order to whet his ravenous appetite for T&A. If his girlfriends started to suspect anything, he’d turn into a MAN-gician, pulling out all the stops to dazzle himself back into their good graces and convince themContinue reading “Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed”