Traveling Through Literature

A lot of the original data on this map was lost due to a weird Google glitch. I’m still in the process of rebuilding the map, but all of the markers are linked to books.

A map of the places I’ve “visited” through the books I’ve read. Click on a placemark and links to my book reviews will pop up.


  1. kynamorgan

    I love the book map! I follow you on twitter but for some reason this is just the first time I’ve visited your blog. You’ve inspired me to do something like your book map, but for movies (my passion). What a cool idea!

    By the way, I love Frida, too. I fell in love with her art about 16 years ago, then as I learned more about her, fell in love with her as an activist. I lived in Mexico for about six months several years ago (central Mexico in El Bajio — Queretaro (city) to be exact). One of the best times of my life. While there, I was able to go to Mexico City (I always call El D.F.) and went to the Museo de Bellas Artes where I saw — and stood in awe in front of — a small still life by Frida Kahlo. I’ll never forget that moment. Have you read Hayden Herrera’s biography of her? Do you know of any good bios of her you can recommend? Have you ever visited her home in Coyoacan? (I’ve always wanted to go!)

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