Read & Resist Tucson!

In last week’s Sunday Salon, I mentioned that I was kicking around an idea in my head to get people reading Tucson’s banned books list. I’d originally intended to do a weekend-long event where people could “read-in” and post their impressions along the way, but then I decided to go for it and make it a yearlong reading challenge. May I present Read & Resist Tucson:

Read & Resist Tucson

The challenge rules are very simple: you set your own reading goals, so long as you read and write about at least one book on the banned list. The list has been updated since I originally posted it last week, and I’ll keep adding to it whenever I learn of new or missing titles (speaking of which, if you see anything missing, let me know).

And if you’ve already written about some of the books in the past, please do me a solid and add your links to the database! I want people to have access to as many opinions about the books as possible.

I hope you decide to join. Spread the word!

14 thoughts on “Read & Resist Tucson!

  1. I’d love to participate but my blog is in Polish… However, I’m adding R&R T to my links to see what others are writing, and perhaps I will comment sometimes 🙂 It’s really awesome you’ve created it!

  2. This is awesome. I’m in… or at least I will be when I’m allowed to buy books again. I’ll scour my shelves to see if I have anything off the list. I hope I do!

  3. I’m part of a group readalong for A People History of the United States by Howard Zinn, which is on the list. We’ve been reading a chapter a week and posting about it. To think that it is on a list of banned books just makes me sick. I will link to your challenge when I post my next week’s readalong post.

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