Sunday Salon: The Countdown Begins!

Vienna. Photograph by Miroslav Petrasko
Vienna. Image by Miroslav Petrasko.

Both of my semesters are finally over! I took three classes (I’m working on my MLIS) and taught five, which is why my blog has been kind of sloooooow these past few months. I’m excited because 1) I’m exhausted; and 2) I can finally focus my full attention on planning some last minute details. Because…


Quite possibly the best thing about being bumped up from adjunct to full time this past year (besides, you know, making a living wage) is that I’ve been finally able to save money to travel, something I constantly daydream about. There were three must-sees on my list: Reykjavik, Krakow, and Paris. Everything else, I just kind of rolled with according to proximity and cheap transportation (which is fine by me because basically the entire world is on my bucket list). What I’m left with is this insane, ambitious itinerary that’ll have me moving around every few days. And of course, true to nerd form, I’m working on a reading list to go along with my upcoming travels:

  1. Iceland (Sjon)
  2. Norway (Sigrid Undset)
  3. Denmark (Isak Dinesen?)
  4. Sweden (Linda Olsson)
  5. Finland (Arto Paasilinna)
  6. Poland (Tadeusz Borowski, Kazimirz Brandys, Czeslaw Milosz)
  7. Czech Republic (Milan Kundera)
  8. Slovakia (???)
  9. Austria (Elfriede Jelinek)
  10. England (??? – so many to choose from!)
  11. France (??? – also a ton to choose from!)
  12. Italy (Stefano Benni, Curzio Malaparte, Elena Ferrante)

I’m sure there are authors that are criminally absent from my list here, so if you have any recommendations, send them my way (I’m particularly stumped on Slovakia).

Anyone else traveling this summer?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: The Countdown Begins!

  1. I’m envious! But I’m also looking forward to backpacking vicariously through you! Those places have been on my bucket list for ages so I can’t wait to see some photos. Have fun!

  2. Awesome. Sounds like such a great time. Are you going to share your travel stories on the blog? Please do, would love to live vicariously through your journey.

  3. Krakow is magical, you’ll love it. While in Poland, check out some of the lovely, simple poetry of Wislawa Szymborska. There are several editions available that print the Polish alongside the English translation – always a nice touch.

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