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As usual, I’m kicking this off with my Junot obsession:

Junot Díaz wrote a piece on why he loves Tokyo.

Junot talks love, life, and heartbreak in New York Magazine.

Perhaps my favorite Junot article to come of the This is How You Loser Her publicity blitz: his book recommendations!

Annie Leibovitz did a photo shoot for Vogue’s September issue based on Edith Wharton. It was shot at Wharton’s estate and features Jeffrey Eugenides, Junot Díaz , and Jonathan Safran Foer. Eugenides in particular is workin’ it.

Speaking of style and cool photos, one couple centered the theme of their wedding on Erin Mortgensen’s The Night Circus. I WANT.

The Obama campaign has enlisted some pretty big names to write essays for it’s 90 Days, 90 Reasons website, including works by authors like Jamaica KincaidColin MeloyKhaled HosseiniJonathan Franzen, and Sherman Alexie.

Several writers remember Anthony Shadid at Granta.

Speaking of Sherman Alexie, he has a new super short story up at The Stranger.

Artists in Quebec have created a garden of 40,000 decaying books. One you get past the initial shock of seeing so many rotting books, the effects are stunning.

Smithsonian is not a fan of teen “sick lit.”

At Flavorwire, twenty authors discuss death and mortality.

At the Edinburgh Writer’s Conference, a bunch of authors signed a statement condemning the Arizona book ban. You can see their signatures here.

The Estella Society is up and running. Spread the word!

Beyond the Margins has a big list of book festivals that are taking place all over the U.S. Maybe there’s one near you?

Here’s the Mother Jones Michael Chabon interview.

More on Chabon: The Atlantic discusses his “big, epic voice.”

Not quite sure what creative nonfiction is? Lee Gutkind’s Yellow Test will clear it up for you.

One (kick ass) unintended result of the Arizona book ban: underground libraries.

I’m totally in love with HarperCollins’s book bag Pinterest page.

Have a Mac? Your thesaurus includes writing advice from authors like Zadie Smith and David Foster Wallace.

In which Forbes pisses me off by conflating indie publishing with self-publishing.

Daniel Mendelsohn on how he always dreamed of being a literary critic.

Last month, thirty armed pro-gun activists assholes took their demonstration inside a library to protest concealed handgun laws. And because that wasn’t assholish enough, they likened their burden to discrimination against African Americans. Yeah.

Should you trust online reviews? Slate discusses the world of made-up reviews. (Could’ve done without the “cheap talk” comment, though.)

Over at Mother Jones, Marjane Satrapi (of Persepolis fame) discusses the new film adaptation of her graphic novel, Chicken with Plums.

Flannery O’Connor really did not like how A Good Man is Hard to Find was interpreted in one English classroom.

At Rookie, Amy Rose writes about her favorite literary hoaxes.

Amanda Coplin blogs about the subtle difference between historical fiction and fiction that incorporates history.

Heads up book bloggers: following the buzz around a way-harsh NYT book review, Salon discusses how to write a negative review.

Speaking of negative reviews, here are Michiko Kakutani’s 11 meanest reviews according to HuffPo.

The Economist thinks that Goodreads is the world’s biggest book club.

And in publishing news, Olympian gymnast Gabby Douglas and English teacher David McCullough Jr. (of “You Are Not Special” commencement speech fame) have both signed book deals.

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